Explore Program

Program Outline

The Explore program operates as a send-out model providing the student with 90 minutes of academic enrichment per week in the gifted classroom. Students receive instruction and guidance in project-based learning, technology centered activities, critical thinking, problem solving and creative thinking. Using a multi-disciplined approach, students are given the opportunity to research, create their own products/projects, and solve meaningful problems.

How Will the Explore Program Support My Child?

  • Provides DEPTH AND COMPLEXITY to curriculum taught in the regular classroom.
  • Provides project based learning and independent study based on student interest and level of competency.
  • Offers an opportunity for students to work with their academic peers utilizing a specialized curriculum.
  • Offers the opportunity for specific instruction enhancement within the regular classroom through the cooperation of the regular classroom teacher and the learning specialist.
  • Provides the learning specialist the opportunity to act as a coach and facilitator to support and promote student performance.

If you would like more information on this program, please contact Bonnie Mutz, Academic Support Coordinator Specialist at (561) 686-4244 Ext., 329 or
E-mail Lisa Anderson



Who is eligible to enroll in the Explore program?
The Explore program is designed for students in grades three through six who meet all of the following criteria:

1) Educational Testing
Superior intellect as evidenced from gifted diagnosis on current (within the last three years) educational testing administered by an educational psychologist after the first semester of the student’s first grade year.

2) Gifted Characteristics
The qualities and characteristics are evaluated according to a standard scale of gifted students.

3) History of High Achievement on Standardized Tests
Multiple years of high Achievement within one or more content areas or ability sections of a nationally normed standardized test such as Terra Nova–3.